Let’s Create A Better World - 02.07.18


Today's topic is love and the various aspects of love. Veronica Gabrielle, a transformational coach is our guest. A beautiful meditation followed the talk with a lot of inspiration.

Her website...



Let’s Create A Better World - 01.31.18


Luanne Pennesi, was our guest on this show.

She is the coordinator of the Gary Null health retreats, health counselor and all around speaker on alternative health and lifestyle. The show started with Luanne speaking about how effective and complete the retreats are on various issues on alternative health and lifestyle. Luanne discussed the importance of staying on top of your physical and mental health. She covered a variety of issues and the importance of focusing and completing the details of each item. The importance of finances and budgeting were also brought out. The discussion turned to the future of doing a full show on alternative foods.


Let’s Create A Better World - 01.24.18


Christina Gikas
Transpersonal Hypnotherapist and Counselor
Christina's Background:
 BA in Psychology  Doctorate in Metaphysics (Msc.D.) Ordained Minister  Holds certificates in many specialties, including, Advanced Hypnotherapy Techniques, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy™ Techniques, Relationship Specialist, Pastoral Psychology Counselor, and Parts Therapy. Selected as one of the first five practitioners at the Quantum Healing Centre in Irvine, CA.  Presented at the 2006 ABH annual convention, the 2007 IACH, the 2009, 2010, and 2011 (where she was awarded “Excellence in Enlightenment”) and the 2016 IHF conferences, and the 2017 HypnoThoughts Live Conference in Las Vegas.
 Interviewed by DJ Thornton on Morning Breeze, Bob Elias on Let’s Create a Better World, which is part of the Progressive Radio Network (PRN) broadcasting worldwide over the Internet out of New York, and Carol Francis on Make Life Happen.  Acknowledged by local novelist, Alyson Noël in the novel, Evermore, The Immortals by stating, “I couldn’t have written this book without the infinite generosity and wisdom of the following people: Brian L. Weiss, M.D., and Christina Gikas, who showed me a past I never could’ve imagined…..”  Tim Burnham’s book, The Cosmic Carwash is an account of his journey on healing present day issues through past life regression.

Let’s Create A Better World - 01.17.18


 Brenda B. Smith, L.Ac., L.Est., CMT is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Licensed Esthetician and Massage Therapist specializing in Stress Management and Women’s Health. She uses acupuncture along with herbs, diet, supplements & lifestyle counseling to help her patients achieve improved health & quality of life. Brenda has over 30 years of health and beauty experience. She brings that background into her acupuncture practice & stress relieving treatments which combines the best of both worlds. Her extensive post-graduate training in nutrition has made Brenda one of Pasadena’s most sought after practitioners.
SureTouch has taken her to the next level of care for women. After years of not supporting the current standard of care for breast health, this technology fits perfectly into her philosophy of being as natural and wholistic as possible. She has begun a journey of learning about breast cancer and is excited about the knowledge she can know share with women of all ages. “Knowledge is power. We cannot make educated choices of we don’t know what our options are. I am so happy to be able to help women get back into their bodies and make choices that make sense with regard to their health. SureTouch has been a blessing to my practice.”

Let’s Create A Better World - 01.10.18


Jan Dior battled with asthma since the age of five. She read in 2013 that OTC Primatene Mist would stop being sold. Jan was using it several times daily for asthma relief for over fifty years. Having studied healthy living and nutrition her whole life, she didn’t want to rely on doctor visits to control her asthma. Praying for a non-medical natural approach to end her asthma, her prayers were answered when she discovered The Buteyko Breathing Method. It was life changing for Jan; within a month of daily practice she noticed she wasn’t using her reliever medication as much. After three months she wasn’t using it at all. Jan now knows her mission – to help others with asthma learn the Buteyko Method of Breathing and end their daily battle. After studying at UCLA under Patrick McKeown, the current leading authority of Buteyko, she says, “How can I NOT share this! ” Jan is also trained to help you with panic attacks, sleep disorders and sleep apnea, COPD and allergies.



Let’s Create A Better World - 01.05.18


Veronica Gabrielle La Barrie is an exceptional transformational coach, speaker, author, consultant, writer and facilitator. 
Veronica shares insight on New Beginnings n Are You Ready to Re-Shape Your Life Now!


Let’s Create A Better World - 12.08.17


Veronica Gabrielle La Barrie is an exceptional transformational coach, speaker, author, consultant, writer and facilitator.
Veronica shares insight on Choices, Abundance n suggestions on ‘How to manage ‘The Holidays’!


Let’s Create A Better World - 11.29.17


Former UK RN, (84` - `94) Alison McDermott became disillusioned with mainstream healthcare, leaving the NHS to learn natural health modalities, travelling extensively in Europe, Canada and the US.
Alison met the founder of FireburnDoctor 13 years ago, became a student of his work, graduated, (The real NHS - Natural Hyperborean Sciences) and has witnessed his medically impossible results on hundreds of people in all kinds of health crises, including herself and her children.
Since then she has been helping to get the world out worldwide about the "Fireburn Doctor Team which aims to wipe out the world statistics on burns and give the public direct, physical proof ... The science and technology of SDI (Subliminal Distant Influentiality) can do much more than burns 
Mother of two young adults, Alison now resides in Northern Los Angeles County. 
Burn injuries statistically account for more deaths worldwide than HIV/AIDS...especially in children. This statistic is dramatically increasing as global crises of war and climate change impact our world.
The FireburnDoctor Team are a "grassroots" group of professional volunteers offering a FREE (and always will be) humanitarian service for burn injuries that is eradicating the needless suffering from burns worldwide with a profound technology that provokes the body to fix itself...in minutes and from a distance. The origins of DSNB (Distant Subliminal Neuro - Bypassing) has it`s roots connecting ancient traditions (Celtic, Native American, Jewish, Vedas)
Consistently in over 1500 cases from 50 US states, 58 countries worldwide, people are reporting the same results through calling the FireBurnDoctor. Pain is gone in minutes, the blisters and red marks disappear in hours and in severe cases, just days!
No cost, no "product", no placebo, no risk and no scars, results the medical, scientific and alternative communities cannot produce.
This is the only work of it`s kind in the world, the science of the unconscious mind producing physical proof under medical, scientific and media scrutiny.
The emergency number to call from anywhere in the world is 001 818-332-6445 and to reach Alison direct is 909 682-0404
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rZbjJze3wg&feature=youtu.be "Rush" - the award-winning (Monaco Film Festival 2014/Sochi Film Festival 2016) montage of public (real names) video testimony - please note credits at the end.

Let’s Create A Better World - 11.15.17


Our guests today...
Dave Rubin of Vegan Events 
Christine of www.CrystallineConnection.com is a medium, channeler, and spiritual seeker.  She studied with a spiritual teacher in New Mexico and "remembered" her connection.  Her travels around the sacred sites in New Mexico and then journeys to India, Bangladesh, Japan, Nepal and Tibet opened up her heart and her spirit.  There she received information from her spirit guides which prepared her for this journey she has undertaken.   Her channeling is with the ascended masters, spirit guides, angels and star beings that are here to help all beings upon this planet and the earth herself to grow in light and love and truth of heart. 

Let’s Create A Better World - 11.08.17


 More than anything else, eating meat contributes heavily to global warming and climate change.


Jane Velez-Mitchell, animal rights activist and journalist, author and widely known for her work on television including specials on CNN, talks about how eating meat also causes major health problems such as heart disease, strokes, cancer, dementia and alzheimer’s.  Jane also talked about what we can eat as vegans and outlined what we can do to become activists.


She had been a vegetarian but stopped eating dairy products as well when she interviewed Howard Lyman, a fourth generation Montana cattle rancher who got sick from eating meat and ended up writing a book titled “Mad Cowboy” which is about his inspirational story of personal transformation from eating meat to becoming vegan.  He was also on the Oprah Winfrey Show where he revealed the deadly impact of the livestock industry on our well being, our health and the environment.

Her website is  JaneUnchained.org (or .com)


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