Let’s Create A Better World - 08.31.18


Stem cells are here. The latest information and the newest ways that more people can access treatment for diseases and many other medical conditions. The guest on this show is Doctor Christian Drapeau, a French scientist who's been working on stem cell research for 15 years, he has authored two books, one of which it's about cracking the stem cell code.
The book can be found on Amazon. For more information and questions, call 714 717 8355.

Let’s Create A Better World - 08.06.18


Predictions on weather and natural disasters throughout the USA and some of the other places around the world. Darshini, has given this show and the world very high percentage of correct predictions on weather and other disasters. On today's show host Bobby Ellias asks her to discuss the overall state of USA and the rest of the world in regards to, The Women's movement, the current and future of climate of politics and extra information about the weather and disasters in the New York area and the East Coast.
Darshini can be reached on the phone at, or via email : darshini_inspirit@yahoo.com. She is also on YouTube under  darshini in spirit.
Our show is now once a month at the beginning of each month and available on the 24 hour telephone 701-719-0994 and on the archives. The show can also be heard on our app as well as Let's Create a Better World podbean.com.

Let’s Create A Better World - 07.12.18


LuAnne Pennesi, long time associate of Gary Null, coordinator of the major retreats, counselor and nutritionist is the guest on show every three or four months. Our show, "Let's Create A Better World "will be on the archives at the beginning of every month talking  health related items and other subjects, including Chinese medicine and online archives. Next show August 1st and very likely online for 3 or 4 weeks. The theme for this particular show is also the number one theme of our regular shows. We continually talk about avoiding diseases and living longer and healthier. Luanne speaks about a plant-based diet, various forms of exercise, and the power of a happy positive mind. Host Bobby Elias and our staff continually bring up the best of those three items. Luanne speaks about many many
items such as Chinese medicine, organic foods, juicing, yoga, meditation, relaxing, legumes, nuts, seaweed, green vegetables, quinoa, avocados, walnuts, oils, and nature. The next time Luanne will be a guest, possibly it can be heard on the 1st of November 2018.

Let’s Create A Better World - 06.26.18


Sugar is the cause of so many illnesses and diseases. The guest for this show, Cheryl Meyer, gives a good number of ailments and diseases that come with the consumption of sugar. Heavy metals and GMO's  (genetically modified organisms) were also outlined. 

Let’s Create A Better World - 06.14.18


This show features five potential life threatening health conditions. The guess who is Dr. Christine Horner, award-winning author, who is researched ancient healing methods, Energy Medicine and many new breakthroughs in holistic health. Dr. Horner emphasized a plant-based diet and warned against the bad habits of drinking alcohol and smoking. 
Dr. Horner will return to the show in August to speak about the fast-growing Energy Medicine.



Let’s Create A Better World - 06.07.18


Quieting the mind, meditation and prayer. This show can be very helpful can people whose minds are running too fast. Some great information on slowing down. Our guest for this show is Veronica Gabrielle, a spiritual teacher, author, counselor and who is involved in two other radio shows. Other subjects on the show are reincarnation and the mantra.

Let’s Create A Better World - 05.31.18


Great news for the millions of people with memory problems. The latest therapy poor memory is succeeding to neutralize the problem. 
Gary Sinclair is the guest on the show. Gary is a proven leader in Energy Medicine and an expert on memory issues. Gary has won 3 lifetime achievement awards and has put together the best and latest therapy for memory problems. Millions of people have experienced at least one traumatic event many more people have suffered PTSD, post traumatic syndrome. 

Sign up for a free book. Go to memoryenergytherapy.com

Let’s Create A Better World - 05.23.18


Coco Magic bats are available once again. 
Gary Null has put together some the best health products in the world.
Sandy Gilman, nutritionist for Gary Null health products also introduced a new dark chocolate bar with cacao.  We also give a rundown on Gary's numerous products with, vitamins, supplements, minerals and powders. 
Our second guest, Keith Morey, talks about his travels around the country, how health is exploding, some of his work healing people and offers free products to anyone who calls him.

Let’s Create A Better World - 05.10.18


Happy Mothers Day!!
This show from May 9th, honors women and how they have gone from adversity to gradually winning major respect. Jane Velez Mithchell, long time TV broadcaster, activist and who is now a speaker and leader in the vegan and animal rights movements. Jane goes in depth about the many women's marches, movements and sexual abuse. Along with host Bobby Elias, the discussion goes into the suffering, abuse and death of women in numerous countries.

In closing, Greg LaMastro read a quote from about individuals making great change. Then, Greg briefly talks how he overcame a bout of depression, fear and anxiety. With some help Greg is moving fast in a path of healing. One of the positives Greg is now one of the producers of this show " Let's Create A Better World".

Jane Velez Mitchell


Let’s Create A Better World - 05.03.18


The Age of the Goddess. The time is now, as any women around the world have awakened and are coming out. Veronica Gabrielle, speaker, author and transformational coach gives a very spiritual talk, about how women are getting together and speaking out more than ever. Two other major were discussed. (1) The awakening of the feminine energy and (2) the birthing of the new earth.

Veronica Gabrielle 
951 966-2749


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