Let’s Create A Better World - 05.03.18


The Age of the Goddess. The time is now, as any women around the world have awakened and are coming out. Veronica Gabrielle, speaker, author and transformational coach gives a very spiritual talk, about how women are getting together and speaking out more than ever. Two other major were discussed. (1) The awakening of the feminine energy and (2) the birthing of the new earth.

Veronica Gabrielle 
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Let’s Create A Better World - 04.30.18


LuAnne Pennesi, RN MS, gives a great up to date summary of many steps towards a healthy, holistic lifestyle. Luanne begins with her story of how she got started with Gary Null and her health career. Also, she gives several success stories from the very recent health  retreat that she corrdinates. A number of the people at the retreat had life changing stories. Also, LuAnne gives a number of methods on how to declutter. By doing so, the health benefits are very positive. Many other great topics that were discussed was hygiene for the body, the house and especially the bathroom.

Luanne Pennesi
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Let’s Create A Better World - 04.18.18


Host Bobby Ellias opens the show, giving facts on live raw foods, enzymes and feeds. He points out, how research studies show the cooking process destroys enzymes and vitamins in food. The show continues with information on obesity, women's health and the importance of stretching. Then, Bobby and his Co-host  Stefan Rudolph discuss a healthy and positive regimen for a healthy lifestyle. Stefan also shares his story of recovering from alcoholism, and coaching others now. Stefan discusses how alcoholism and other addictions can be overcome and shares some excellent information on recovering from all addictions. www.recoveredcoaching.com      Phone: 760-215-2337

Let’s Create A Better World - 04.11.18


Vickie Gay, rated #1 among mediums, psychics and light workers by 3 reputable surveys, gives a great list of examples of President Trump's past and future. She explains how he has been able to turn around negative and controversial events including 2 affairs into positive. He has also been able to convince the congress to pass unlikely bills. Vickie also gives insight to current and future weather disasters. She indicates that Global Warming extreme weather patterns are actually the earth's self cleansing. Including in her great work is assisting law enforcement and citizens find missing people. She will share some examples of how she helped people in these situations.
Vickie encourages people to contact her,  www.vickiegay.com or email her at email@vickiegay.com, 415-244-6321

Let’s Create A Better World - 04.03.18


Phytonutrients, superfoods, detoxification, and the difference between alkaline vs. acidic are some of the topics that our guest, nutritional health expert and fitness guru,  Sylvia Ortiz, outlined on today’s show.


For 34 years, Sylvia researched health and nutrition and eventually put together her own line of products and information for healthy living and in 1998 created her company.  She is also a renown and internationally recognized fitness guru who has dedicated her life to helping others live healthy lives.


As a pioneer in the fitness industry, Sylvia developed the “Rebounder” as a result of an injury in 1984 and innovated Rebound Exercise, an aerobics exercise program using a small, circular trampoline, and soon also became an internationally recognized expert in rebound fitness and health while establishing the standards used worldwide for Rebound Exercise training and instruction.


Putting all of this together, she developed the “Principles To Balanced Health” program to fight illness and aging, and focuses on increasing youthful energy through nutritional awareness and exercise.


Sylvia and host, Bobby Elias, reminisced about some of the great early health innovators, mentors, and early holistic nutritional pioneers from the 60’s and 70’s.  


Sylva is giving away a free Alkaline Guide and Chart.

For your free gift call 800.521.5867 

or go on her website at https://macrolifenaturals.com


Let’s Create A Better World - 03.16.18


This show discusses how rapidly the body, mind and spirit health movement is growing exponentially in the marketplace.


Host, Bobby Elias, and his two guests talk about how inspired they were from attending the Natural Products West Expo this last weekend, a health trade show that is attended by more than 100,000 people every year with 3,500 vendors.  Bobby says he couldn’t even cover most of it this year. 


Dee Mitchell, a certified natural health practitioner, also talks about meeting Gary Null, the founder of the Progressive Radio Network, at various health shows in the 1980’s where he was often a featured speaker. Dee has also worked side by side with holistic doctors from around the world getting great results with various energy healing methods.


Cam Chadwick, owner of an Atlanta health and beauty business, works mainly with minority consumers.  Cam says that health companies need to invest more of their efforts in educating lower income and diverse communities about health and make them more aware of how to take better care of themselves and their families.


Let’s Create A Better World - 03.01.18


David Serio, a nutritional biochemist, David has treated peiple with chronic illnesses for over 20 years. His specialty is cleansing. He speaks about various forms of cleansing, which is his specialty. His discussion is about a wide variety of ways of food, drinks and a healthy way of living. David emphasizes flax seed oils and also mentions other oils. Among the many other issues discussed juicing, a plant based diet, the importance of eating slow and chewing thoroughly. David will be receiving his doctorate as a biochemist very soon.

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Let’s Create A Better World - 02.22.18


This show is about various methods for a positive holistic healthy lifestyle. Our guest is Dr. Christine Horner, an award winning author who studied and did an enormous amount of research, along with many new methods for health and healing. The show started with Dr. Horner's talk on weight loss, along with an explanation of a new category, "over-fat". A large variety of subjects included nutrition,  a diet of vegetables, nuts, and seeds. She stressed to stay away from junk foods and to also go organic as much as possible. Also, she spoke of the merits of ancient healing from five thousand years ago from different countries. Also she stressed doing transcendental meditation, vitamin C, cinnamon, omega 3 fatty acids, sleep and so much more.

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Let’s Create A Better World - 02.15.18


The answer to how we can slow down, and even stop global warming, which is also known as climate change. Climate change is a deadly throughout the world. Our guest, Jane Veloz-Mitchell is a nationally known hard hitting TV reporter. The show also discusses the vegan life style and animal rights, of which Jane is a very involved activist. She also mentions a weekly vigil at a major pig slaughter house.

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Let’s Create A Better World - 02.07.18


Today's topic is love and the various aspects of love. Veronica Gabrielle, a transformational coach is our guest. A beautiful meditation followed the talk with a lot of inspiration.

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