Let’s Create A Better World - 07.12.18


LuAnne Pennesi, long time associate of Gary Null, coordinator of the major retreats, counselor and nutritionist is the guest on show every three or four months. Our show, "Let's Create A Better World "will be on the archives at the beginning of every month talking  health related items and other subjects, including Chinese medicine and online archives. Next show August 1st and very likely online for 3 or 4 weeks. The theme for this particular show is also the number one theme of our regular shows. We continually talk about avoiding diseases and living longer and healthier. Luanne speaks about a plant-based diet, various forms of exercise, and the power of a happy positive mind. Host Bobby Elias and our staff continually bring up the best of those three items. Luanne speaks about many many
items such as Chinese medicine, organic foods, juicing, yoga, meditation, relaxing, legumes, nuts, seaweed, green vegetables, quinoa, avocados, walnuts, oils, and nature. The next time Luanne will be a guest, possibly it can be heard on the 1st of November 2018.

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