Let’s Create A Better World - 10.09.20


This is a can’t miss show. 
Today I am joined by my producer Greg LaMastro.
History books and the leadership in this country have ignored indigenous people. For many years and even up to today’s leadership, thinking about indigenous people it has been that they are animals and savages. 
Discussions on todays show include...
How Columbus came here and killed more than half of the natives. 
Slavery was an entrenched way of life in America with many of the early presidents including Washington and Jefferson being slaveowners. 
Many activists are taking down statues some of the so-called heroes. 
Finally, current affair items including a prediction on the presidential election. 
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Let’s Create A Better World - 05.13.20


Luanne Pennesi , Super health coach and coordinator of the Gary Null health retreats gives a complete discussion on how to prevent getting the coronavirus among the many topics are the environment, food, supplements and living quarters.
Your living space, your body and everything around you helps with healing. 
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Peace, Love and a time to learn everything about preventing sickness and death.

Let’s Create A Better World - 03.02.20


The health field is exploding from products for body, mind and spirit. It’s one of our favorite subjects and initial I go back-and-forth with Sylvia Ortiz, a pioneer in the health field and a person that goes to major health trade shows.
We talk about how the health field has changed for the better, organics, super foods, supplements, memory loss, minerals, weight loss, and the causes of death. Sylvia is the founder a great company called MacroLife Naturals, and she is also considered the mother of super foods.

Let’s Create A Better World - 12.09.19


More people in this country and around the world want change, not small change but big change.              The renowned medium, psychic Darshini is our guest on the show. I, Bobby Elias, the host of the show open up with a summary of the protest movement for the past 60 years. This include that have been excluded, Native Americans Latinos and blacks and other people.Non-white. 
Also we talk about the wars, women’s movements and civil rights in general. Darshini gives her case as we go into a lively Back-and-forth discussion. Then Darshini goes into her predictions on weather and disasters. She has been very very accurate.

Let’s Create A Better World - 09.30.19


One of the best shows ever covering new research on health and longevity. Dr. Christine Horner, MD and award-winning author left the plastic surgeon field to go into research on holistic health, Supplements and ancient healing.  Dr. Horner went in depth with her research on the following subjects. Anti-aging, Beauty, Sleep,  The Immune System and the Nutrients to heal it, Super foods, ancient healing including Super foods, and Ayurveda.

Let’s Create A Better World - 03.13.19


Veronica Gabrielle is our first guest, Veronica discusses her new book, "Ungluing the Mind", an explanation of theta healing and more. 
Veronica Gabrielle contact info...
In the second half of the show, Dr. Ren co-hosted and introduced Dawna Campbell explain what theta healing is and its benefits.
Dawna Campbell
Dr. Ren

Let’s Create A Better World - 02.21.19


Two guests with some interesting information for our February show, let's create a better world. Our show is now on only once a month and on the online and telephone archives. Darshini, who has the highest accuracy predictions, gives her psychic predictions for the year on weather and disasters and also get some pointed information on the New York area. 
The second half of the show features Sylvia Ortiz, a Pioneer on putting together green and red superfoods and also the inventor of the rebounder, talks about a plant-based diet and also some other interesting takes on holistic health.
Sylvia can be contacted at 800-521-5867

Let’s Create A Better World - 01.17.19


This is the January 2019 edition of Let's Create A Better world. 
This show is on once a month and on the online archives and also on the telephone archives, 701 719-0994. 
Dr. Lauren Laurino, Dr. Ren, America's holistic sweetheart, points out the importance of a deficiency of vitamins, especially vitamin D.
Doctor Ren also discusses the fast-growing changes in health and Body Mind spirit. Doctor Ren is a naturopath who just moved from New Jersey to the Seattle Washington area. She is in her mid-30s. 

Let’s Create A Better World - 12.03.18


Luann Pennesi, holistic health nutritionist and counselor and the coordinator of the very successful health retreats with Gary Null, is our guest for a special holiday show. Luann discusses many topics on the ups and downs of the holidays, included the commercialization, stress drinking and she give some great ideas on some healthy foods that can be served during get-togethers. 

Luanne can be reached at 903 881-7008 and at
email - whnn@aol.com

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Let’s Create A Better World - 11.05.18


Vickie Gay, psychic medium who has been ranked number one by three different groups gives a rundown what's happening with some major problems and areas of. Give the latest on the following, World, USA, politics common elections Financial issues and disasters on the same show. 
Renowned attorney Elena Popp speaks how rents are going higher and higher and how rent control can help this matter kids involved with a bill for rent control in California and talks about a national movement on this issue.

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