Let’s Create A Better World - 09.13.17


The dangers of EMF wireless radiation. 

Our guest, Liz Barris got involved with being an activist against wireless radiation when she was experiencing disabling effects from it.  In this show she discusses the wireless industry and the Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF’s) they have created which seriously affects people’s health even though they are not aware of it.  Like other forms of radiation, it can build up in people’s bodies for years and eventually develop into cancer like a frog in a pot of water being gradually heated.

Liz’s very informative interview included the most recently developed G-5 millimeter wavelength that the industry is pushing which places antennas at or near everyone’s homes and talks about how dangerous this would be.  They are invading and electronically “polluting” people’s homes without people knowing about it.  We are also being affected by radiation background from sources at our neighbors’ homes as well as in the environment. Radiation background is so ubiquitous now that it even affects people’s health, even someone who doesn’t have any electronic devices.

She also informed people of the danger of placing a cell phone anywhere on or near their body citing a number of well known people who have recently developed cancer in their head, jaw, breast and prostate saying that it should not be held against the head or carried in pockets or bras. 

Recently developed “Smart Meters” that are being placed on people’s homes now are used by the electric and water companies to monitor people’s usage. These also use radiation that actually penetrates people’s walls.

New cars and new appliances are all being microchipped and emit a “pulsed” radiation which is like a jack hammer on cement.  Other devices that emit this radiation commonly used by most people are microwave ovens, cordless phones, wifi, wireless computers, iPads, etc.  

The industry is being heavily sued.  Several Constitutional violations are being perpetrated with no one doing anything about it.  For many years, Liz and others have been fighting the wireless industry and our government in courts around the country and educating the public about all of this through lectures, social media, radio appearances, etc, There is presently a Bill being considered in the California legislature that will make this situation even worse.  The FCC is controlled by the Wireless Industry and even though studies have been done which have shown the effects on people’s health, the FDA has indicated that they will not let the public know about this.  This means that people are not being protected by the government.

What people can do:  

1) People need to educate themselves about what’s going on beyond what they hear from the TV, radio, and other main stream media like newspapers and magazines, etc.  Get educated with the facts; people are supporting the industry with their money.

2) Try to protect yourself - EMF shielding  is carried in special stores but there is no protection from 5G.  One of her biggest recommendations is for people to hard wire as many devices as possible like computers and phones and to avoid using microwave ovens.

3) Locate your wireless EMF sources

4) Take legal actio

People need to stand up for their rights or give them up forever.

Liz's contact number is:  310-281-9639 - you can leave a message on her voice mail

Her website is:  thePeoplesInditiative.org

You can contact her by email:  contact@ThePeoplesInitiative.org

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