Let’s Create A Better World - 04.03.18


Phytonutrients, superfoods, detoxification, and the difference between alkaline vs. acidic are some of the topics that our guest, nutritional health expert and fitness guru,  Sylvia Ortiz, outlined on today’s show.


For 34 years, Sylvia researched health and nutrition and eventually put together her own line of products and information for healthy living and in 1998 created her company.  She is also a renown and internationally recognized fitness guru who has dedicated her life to helping others live healthy lives.


As a pioneer in the fitness industry, Sylvia developed the “Rebounder” as a result of an injury in 1984 and innovated Rebound Exercise, an aerobics exercise program using a small, circular trampoline, and soon also became an internationally recognized expert in rebound fitness and health while establishing the standards used worldwide for Rebound Exercise training and instruction.


Putting all of this together, she developed the “Principles To Balanced Health” program to fight illness and aging, and focuses on increasing youthful energy through nutritional awareness and exercise.


Sylvia and host, Bobby Elias, reminisced about some of the great early health innovators, mentors, and early holistic nutritional pioneers from the 60’s and 70’s.  


Sylva is giving away a free Alkaline Guide and Chart.

For your free gift call 800.521.5867 

or go on her website at https://macrolifenaturals.com