Let’s Create A Better World – 02.20.16


Brad Pitt (in his 50’s), Jennifer Lopez (46), Christine Brinkley (62), and Kim Kardasian (35), all use different methods of staying young and beautiful.  Dr. Christine Horner, our guest on this show, discusses health, beauty and staying young.  She also talks about Ayurvedic Medicine, yoga, exercise, superfoods and many other great ways to look younger and feel better, staying young, and making positive changes.  Dr. Horner is a Board Certified plastic surgeon, an award winning author and researcher of many great healing modalities.  She abandoned her lucrative plastic surgery practice when she discovered the ancient 5,000 year old practice of Ayurveda, considered to be the oldest form of medicine.  Dr. Horner practices Holistic Health, gives speaking engagements, and does thorough research giving us one of our best shows ever.  Her latest book is on ageless beauty and staying young.
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