Let’s Create A Better World – 12.12.16


Dr. Christine Horner, former  plastic surgeon turned holistic doctor, inspires us to be our true self.

During the holiday season many people are lonely depressed, and dealing with the hardships in life. Our in-depth discussion gives many methods for replacing the above with happiness, love, joy and fulfillment.  We discuss life, family, friends and health.
Also, Dr. Horner discusses the attitude of being grateful and living every day to the fullest as she gives great stories and discussions about her work and her life. 

Let’s Create A Better World – 12.05.16


One of the best shows ever on “Let’s Create a Better World” features Ellie Laks, 
founder of  the animal rescue sanctuary, The Gentle Barn. 
Host Bobby Elias and Ellie discuss insights, ideas and love as a possible solution for making this a better world. They both agree that the power and strength of love as a major force is key and that there is much that Humanity can learn about 
love from animals.  Ellie’s slogan for the Gentle Barn is “Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and Our Planet.”
Ellie begins her story as a seven year old with dreams and goals of caring for animals as they have  always been very healing and nurturing to her as she was growing up.  Her first experience was rescuing sick and injured animals from a petting zoo. 
Her heart warming story that eventually led to her fulfilling her dreams and founding the Gentle Barn, is inspiring and exemplifies her passion and love for  animals.
She also expresses her love and compassion for troubled and abused children who live in the inner city, by inviting them to come out to the Gentle Barn where they can meet real live animals,have up close, one on one interactions with them, and learn about taking care of them.  As they exchange energy with the animals, they are exposed to their gentleness and compassion and experience the love that emanates from them.  By the time the children go home, they have a new perspective, attitude and insight about themselves, others, and eating meat.  In addition to this, Ellie shows her love for children by bringing clothes and presents to poor homes at various locations in Los Angeles every Christmas season.
The main purpose for the Gentle Barn’s existence, however, is to take in unwanted, old, sick and injured animals, nurse them back to health, and give them a new home and a new life.  Bobby and Ellie talk about the exemplary rehabilitation program at the Gentle Barn which includes major equipment and incorporates various alternative modalities of healing for animals.
Ellie also has strong feelings of compassion and concern for Indigenous Native Americans.  They talk about the situation in North Dakota involving the Access Oil Pipeline near the town of Standing Rock where thousands of people have come from all over the country to join the Sioux in protesting this imposition on their land and burial grounds.  This is the latest chapter in the mistreatment, abuse and neglect suffered by Native Americans at the hands of the United States government which has broken every treaty & violated their trust, friendship & agreements going back to the 1400’s.
Ellie’s goal is to establish Gentle Barns in every state.   Currently there are two  locations, one in Santa Clarita, California and the other in Knoxville, Tennessee.  The website for the Gentle Barn in California is:  www.GentleBarn.org
Ellie and the Gentle Barn can be reached by email:  info@GentleBarn.org and  
or by phone:  661-252-2440

Let’s Create A Better World – 11.28.16


Two young women with great ideas, plans and dreams to inform people about plant based eating, veganism, eco friendly products, and a healthy lifestyle, are the guests on this show.
Sarah Gross and Nira Palinoda founded  U.S. Veg Corp which produces exciting and educational happenings centered on plant-based living and a green sustainable lifestyle.  Its signature event is the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival, introducing world-class speakers, chefs, entertainers, and 100+ exhibitors each year showcasing vegan food, cruelty-free products/services and green initiatives. This is part of a large explosion in the health field in this country.  They are also active members of the local vegetarian & green movement which is how they keep in touch with community needs.
Their involvement with the community ensures that the events they put on address the latest issues concerning the vegetarian/vegan market and the latest technologies.
Host Bobby Elias speaks with the young women about the fast growing health movement, and also a plant based diet.  It was also pointed out how the government, corporations and media are being forced to change their attitudes, policies and marketing strategies.
Sarah also has a company called “Rescue Chocolate” which donates all profits to animal rescuing.
Their next events in 2017 are coming up in New York City (May 20-21),  Scottsdale, Arzozna (January 28-29) and then back in California later in the year.
For contact information their website is: USVegCorp.com; the email address is::  info@usvegcorp.com; and the phone number is: 917.544.7306); they also have a Facebook page: facebook/usvegcorp.com

Let’s Create A Better World – 10.31.16


Journalist and Former talk show host of Healthy Planet, Healthy Me and A Right to Know on the Pacifica network, Sherry Beall, is our guest.  Sherry spent many years researching how to create environmentally friendly homes, including her own, and is regularly invited to speak on this topic.
In this show Sherry emphasizes the importance of being on a "high vibration" which will keep you on a high level in every aspect of your life --- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  She said that this should be our main focus and goes into detail about how to go about achieving this.  
She also talks about “grounding” with the earth (also known as “earthing”) and the importance of food as medicine; also how empowering it is to grow your own food and innovative approaches to doing that either by yourself or with others,  
Being on a high vibration not only helps to uplift ourselves but also empowers us to be leaders to the people around us, influencing them, as well as our communities and humanity. 
Bobby asks Sherry how she got started on this path. She was originally from Virginia where she was surrounded by nature and felt in tune with Mother Earth.  She also says that she has always been curious about everything.
When she started having children, Sherry learned about "alternative" parenting and wanted to create a healthy home environment for her family.  After many years of research she founded At Home Naturally out of a passion and desire to share her research and offer the healthiest, eco-friendly, fair trade made products for the entire home and family.
Sherry's contact information and websites are:  
 - EMAIL:  Info@arightoknow.com
 - SherryBeall.com
 - ARightToKnow.com
 - AtHomeNaturally.com

Let’s Create A Better World – 10.24.16


Peter Bedard is our special guest and discusses his experience, strength and hope in the areas he specializes in helping others through his holistic healing practice. 

Host Bobby Elias and Co-host Stefan Rudolph discuss with Peter the topic of pain management and how he as a specialist helps other heal their self and their life.  Also discussed is his story of overcoming a severe accident at a young age and what he's done to help himself heal from pain and how he now helps others grow through pain both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Peter Bedard also helps with various forms of personal growth in breaking addictions, overcoming relationship issues, living with heart and finding the inner power for happiness in your life, especially through the hardest times.

Peter's Contact Information:

To Your Success,

Let’s Create A Better World – 10.17.16


Bobby talks about the show's new day and time on Mondays at 7:00 pm Eastern Time and talks about the shows he has lined up.
His special guest for this show is Dr. Ren, "America's Holistic Sweetheart" who hosts the show from time to time.  Dr. Ren talked about how she started on her spiritual path and her apprenticeship with an Indigenous Native American Shaman.and about the Law of Attraction and her favorite mantra for attracting positive things to her life.  She mentioned that she recently went on a trip around the U.S. and to a number of different countries spreading the word about climate change, talking about healthy living and planting trees to help counteract some of the negative affects of climate change.  People told her that they can't afford Holistic Health and she talked about her solutions for that and how much she enjoys helping people and teaching them about healthy living and empowering people on living a more balanced lifestyle.  She also talked about foods, supplements, health products, juices and exercise.
She mentioned her appearance on the Dr. Oz show and that she talked about healthy food and living a healthy lifestyle.  Her and Bobby talked about Gratitude and being grateful for different things in their lives and Dr. Ren mentioned her radio show and her websites:  DrRecommends.com and LorenLorito.com

Let’s Create A Better World – 07.02.16


Sonja Grace, mystic healer and medical intuitive, talks about the many predictions of disasters and other horrible things going on in the world. She believes, along with our show, that people are going to eventually come together and that there will be better solutions. She also talks about how those solutions will come about. Sonja also discusses how people need to have more faith and hope and should try to be less fearful.

Sonja grew up on a Hopi reservation and is, among many things, also a shaman and practices many healing modalities. She warns people to be careful of many incompetent people posing as psychics, shamans and healers. She will be traveling to many areas in the next few months including a January book signing in New York City. See her website (sonjagrace.com) for further information.

Let’s Create A Better World – 06.25.16


This show is about athletes in various sports that have sustained brain injuries, focusing on the late Muhammad Ali, his life and his Parkinson’s Disease.  We discuss why they played with injuries and how it affected them, sometimes leading to more severe injuries, and, at times, costing them their lives.  We also talk about their priorities, the priorities of their coaches and managers and the owners of the teams. 

There will be a follow-up show focusing on the movie “Concussion” as well as a special guest discussing the latest medical information concerning various types of injuries from sports and from every day life.

Let’s Create A Better World – 06.18.16


Our guest on this show is Luanne Pennesi, a personal health consultant, dynamic public speaker in the areas of natural approaches to chronic illness, holistic healing, stress management and motivation, and all around health advocate who works with Gary Null, the founder of the Progressive Radio Network out of New York.  
A previous administrative nurse at the famous Kettering Hospital in New York, and an avid coffee drinker, her life was completely turned around when she attended one of Gary Null’s retreats.  Upon arrival at the retreat, she asked where the coffee is and was told that there is only healthy juices, no coffee.  Since then Luanne has become one of the main people that Gary depends on, especially for being in charge of the health support groups in the New York area as well as the retreats that Gary has once or twice a year.  She also counsels people who have health problems using Gary’s protocol as the basis as well as her background in Chinese Medicine.   
The highlights in this interview include Gary’s basic health protocol which includes detoxing and rejuvenating the body.  It emphasizes eating healthy foods; addresses the stress factor in people’s lives using yoga and meditation; the importance of regular exercise every day; being mindful of the people we allow in our lives; juicing and supplements.  She also speaks about a major upcoming health study support group series taking place in New York.
Luanne’s website is:  MetropolitanWellness.com
She can be reached by email at whnn@aol.com and by phone at:  631-504-6198

Let’s Create A Better World – 06.04.16


New progress and new activism is taking place for the better in the fight against genetically engineered foods. Diana Reeves, from GMOfreeUSA.org, eloquently speaks on many issues and goes over the latest information to stop the GMO's from affecting our lives and causing health problems.  Diana tells her story about how her health and the health of her family members were greatly affected by GMO foods and how her son died of cancer due to related causes.  Then discusses how she bettered her health and the health of her family by researching healthy foods and finding out how GMO's were affecting her life and lives around the world.  Jennifer Montero is an energy medicine practitioner, healer and a fabulous teacher of self-healing.  She discusses how she was inspired to start her business as an intuitive healer & coach and has been helping others obtain and maintain health and wellness in life.   She discusses her energy healing and spiritual work which includes specific modalties that she uses as a healer to help many overcome areas of blockages and related issues in their body, mind and spirit. 


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