Let’s Create A Better World – 10.31.16


Journalist and Former talk show host of Healthy Planet, Healthy Me and A Right to Know on the Pacifica network, Sherry Beall, is our guest.  Sherry spent many years researching how to create environmentally friendly homes, including her own, and is regularly invited to speak on this topic.
In this show Sherry emphasizes the importance of being on a "high vibration" which will keep you on a high level in every aspect of your life --- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  She said that this should be our main focus and goes into detail about how to go about achieving this.  
She also talks about “grounding” with the earth (also known as “earthing”) and the importance of food as medicine; also how empowering it is to grow your own food and innovative approaches to doing that either by yourself or with others,  
Being on a high vibration not only helps to uplift ourselves but also empowers us to be leaders to the people around us, influencing them, as well as our communities and humanity. 
Bobby asks Sherry how she got started on this path. She was originally from Virginia where she was surrounded by nature and felt in tune with Mother Earth.  She also says that she has always been curious about everything.
When she started having children, Sherry learned about "alternative" parenting and wanted to create a healthy home environment for her family.  After many years of research she founded At Home Naturally out of a passion and desire to share her research and offer the healthiest, eco-friendly, fair trade made products for the entire home and family.
Sherry's contact information and websites are:  
 - EMAIL:  Info@arightoknow.com
 - SherryBeall.com
 - ARightToKnow.com
 - AtHomeNaturally.com